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About Altura State Bank

The Altura State Bank opened its doors December 10, 1910 with 61 people investing. Albert Kramer was hired as the first cashier. A condensed history of Altura State Bank follows.

1910 Bank incorporated by 61 investors; operated from Simon Store Building; L.F. Kramer, first President; Albert Kramer, Cashier; Directors: L.F. Kramer, M. Timm, F. Nelson, J.P. Frisch, Frank J. Kramer
1912 Built 24-by-30-foot building next to Nelson’s Store
1932 J.P. Frisch, President; Directors: J.P. Frisch, M. Timm, Albert Kramer, C.G. Kreidermacher, Francis Kramer
1933 Bank declared state of emergency, but stayed open during the Depression
1948 Albert Kramer died; Cyril Kramer, Cashier and Director / 2nd Generation
1949 Bank remodeled and 20-foot addition; C.G. Kreidermacher, President
1951 Cyril Kramer, President; Charles Kramer, Cashier
1958 Bank basement remodeled for bookkeeping area
1959 Tom Doran, Cashier
1960 50th Anniversary celebrated
1969 Purchased Hardware Building to add more floor space
1975 Cyril Kramer died; Time/Temperature sign added; Francis Kramer, President; Tom Doran, Executive Vice President; Jim Kramer, Cashier / 3rd Generation
1978 Purchased grocery store and P. Kieffer land and building east of bank
1980 Jim Kramer, President; Mickey Peshon, Cashier; Robbery occurred
1981 Bank remodeled, drive-up window added
1984 David Schwantz, Cashier
1989 Dan Buehler, Vice President/Loans; Tom Doran retired
1994 ATM machine purchased/Elba
1996 New location of bank building at 411 Main Street NW
2000 Telephone Banking
2003 Peter Kramer, CPA, joins bank / 4th Generation
2004 Bank converts to imaging
2007 Launches website
2008 Internet banking
2010 100 year celebration

It is the intention of the Directors, Officers, and Employees of Altura State Bank to continue to serve everyone as a locally owned and operated independent bank for many years to come.

Altura State Bank, Altura MN, Full Service Community Bank

Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender

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