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Security Statement

At Altura State Bank we understand the importance of customer security. Protecting your confidential financial information is our number one priority. Altura State Bank maintains strict standards of security designed to ensure a secure exchange of information with our customers.

As part of our commitment, customer information and account data is protected by multiple security protocols: firewalls, data encryption, user ID, a verifiable Password, and multifactor identification. Altura State Bank provides end-to-end encryption to secure transactions while in transit.

Encryption technology transmits information sent over the Internet by encoding the transmitted data. A firewall is designed to protect information stored in our computer systems from unauthorized entry.

Your account information is also protected with a Password known only to you. Your Password must be used to access your accounts and authorize payments. Only you know your private Password, so you can be confident that your data is secure if you do not provide your Password to someone else. You will know when you're in a safe environment when a "locked" icon is displayed at the bottom of the screen or https:// will appear in the address line. To gain a greater level of protection, we recommend that you memorize and keep your Password secret, change your Password on a regular basis and not use birth dates, first or last names, or other documented numbers or letters that may be easy to locate. If you must write down your Password, keep it in a safe place.

Never send confidential information (such as social security numbers, account numbers, mother’s maiden name, annual income, source of income, etc.) via regular e-mail to our general e-mail address.  Once logged into your Internet banking account, we provide a secure e-mail system directly from our site, which uses data encryption to help protect your communications with us.  Although security measures are in place, we still strongly urge you not to e-mail confidential information to us.

In addition, Altura State Bank’s strict security standards require all browsers that are used to access account information to have 128-bit encryption. Use of 128-bit encryption technology is one of the most secure forms of encryption currently available for commercial use on the Internet.

This Security Statement is a constant reminder to our customers that the security of their personal information is always of utmost concern.

For your safety, please review the information found on the links below prior to enrolling into our Internet banking product.


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